everything i dislike at other people

is what i dislike at myself.

the other one is the exposer of my own failings.

he is my mirror.


when i hurt somebody, i will punish myself.

when i take myself back,

and see the other one as he is,

do not judge, leave him the way he is,

i see him in his true beauty.


i am absolute tolerance.

i see myself in the other one.


he is giving me the opportunity to recognize myself.

i have a conflict with somebody,

i watch, which patterns of conscience

are exposed in my own being.

these patterns, no matter how painful

or uprooting they may be, i do not judge.


i let them flow.


so i grow and my reality is lightened.

so i can work out any conflict,

any exposition with the aid of relaxation and

not judging.

here and now and furtheron.


i am creating space for harmony and

contentment in me.

sympathy for all that is

is the consequence.


i can feel with you.


i am sympathy.


i am.