nothing comes from outside — everything comes from inside.

what kind of world is this, in which

you are learning to float,

living simultaneously?


this world is the world of the blissful.

control of passion is counting here,

the key to gain eternal flow.

countless times you have to overcome your shadow.

each time relief will increase.

freedom gets more borderless.


senses sharpened,

spirit awake,


as delusion,






and doubt

make us see the world in dark light.


with these urges overcome,

life starts revealing its richness



by step,


this way has to be gone.

you cannot leave a step.


courage is needed.


you have any time of the world,

embedded in eternity.


moderate continuity:

the unswerved way to blissfulness.

any obstacle be overcome.

important is the state of letting go.



connecting thoughts of forgiveness and

not judging, will lead us on the eternal path.


i am forgiveness.

i am letting go.

i am floating.


i am.


this affirmation will make us climb any mountain,

remove all the stones from a path,

overcome any shadow,

make any defeat a victory.


it is about eternal and true values.